Purposes of Education and Outcomes

Purposes of Education:

Educational aim of the Department of Geological Engineering is to train engineers;

1. who can describe the earth science problems required by the society, and can produce solutions in the light of fundamental principles of the geology and engineering.
2. who can contribute to the development of the community, by following the scientific and technological progress in national and international platforms
3. who can carry out individual, teamwork or multidisciplinary studies.
4. who is environmentalist and can contribute to the understanding of the nature
5. who has ambition, self-confidence and skills in solving the problems
6. who has creative and critical way of thinking and aware of the ethical responsibilities.


1. Adequate knowledge of mathematics, science, and geology disciplines, ability to use theoretical and applied knowledge in these fields in solving complex engineering problems.

2. Ability to define complex engineering problems related to geology using basic sciences and engineering knowledge, use research methods to solve problems, four-dimensional modeling and design skills.

3. Ability to design complex geological systems or processes through observation and experimentation, modeling their results, and alternative solutions using modern engineering tools and methods.

4. The ability to select and use modern techniques and tools necessary for the analysis and solution of complex problems encountered in engineering applications, the ability to use information technologies effectively.

5. Ability to design and conduct experiments in interdisciplinary studies related to the study topics of the discipline of geology and to relate, synthesize and interpret through data collection.

6. Ability to work effectively in disciplinary and multi-disciplinary teams, to take responsiblity and to work individually.

7. The ability to convey knowledge and productions related to field of expertise using oral and written presentation techniques, and the ability to receive/give clear and understandable instructions. To be able to do these skills in at least one foreign landuage.

8. The ability to have lifelong learning awareness, to follow current scientific and technological developments and to constantly renew oneself.

9. To comply with academic, technical, and professional standards and to act in accordance with ethical principles during the collection, interpretation and announcement of data related to the field.

10. Knowledge of business practices such as project management, risk management and change management, awareness of entrepreneurship, innovation, knowledge of sustainable development.

11. Sensitivity in the protection of geological, environmental and cultural values, producing solutions by developing projects for protection from natural disasters, awareness of the legal consequences of these solutions.

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