Organic Petrography Laboratory

Person in charge: Doç. Dr. Mehmet AKBULUT
+90 232 3017349

The laboratory is equipped with a Leica / DM4P model organic petrography (coal) microscope, its attachments, sample preparation systems and auxiliary equipment, and a full-fledged mineral analysis and reflectance measurement system. “FOSSIL MOT” software provided by Hilgers is used for imaging and quantitative analyses. Quantitative determination of mineral percentage (%) distributions and measurement of vitrinite/huminite reflectance values and determination of coalification degree (rank) in coals are obtained by using polished sections prepared from samples brought/sent to the laboratory. Analysis are carried out within ISO 7404 standards.

Leica / DM4P model organic petrography microscope and add-ons.


İletişim Adresi

Kuruçeşme Mh., DEÜ Kaynaklar Yerleşkesi 207-F, 35390 Buca/İzmir, Türkiye

Tel: +90 232 301 73 00-01
Faks: +90 232 453 11 29