Sample Preparation Laboratory

Person in Charge: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Cüneyt AKAL
+90 232 3017325

The samples are prepared for geochemical, mineralogical and geochron analysis in the sample preparation lab. The equipments are present for the purpose of cutting, coarse crushing and cleaning, finer crushing, sieving, density separation, magnetic separation, heavy liquid separation and grinding processes.

The samples are cut by diamond tipped  saws to eliminate surfacial alteration.


hidrolik1 hidrolik2
The samples are broken into pieces by hydrolic crushers.


The finer crushing are carried out by the different size jaw crushers.


Finer crushing (200µ) could be done by roller crusher and disc mill device.


The equipment used for sieving.


Mineral separation by shaking table and magnetic separator.


Mineral separation by heavy liquid.


The grinding equipments are vibratory disc (tugsten carbide) mill, vibratory ball mill (agate ball) and agate mortar grinder.

İletişim Adresi

Kuruçeşme Mh., DEÜ Kaynaklar Yerleşkesi 207-F, 35390 Buca/İzmir, Türkiye

Tel: +90 232 301 73 00-01
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