Rock and Soil Mechanics Laboratory

Person in charge: Prof.Dr. Bahadır YAVUZ
+90 232 3017365

The rock-soil mechanics laboratory, equipped with modern testing machinery and equipment. There are most of the main test equipments used for determining of physical and mechanical properties of rocks and soils. Experiments also can be performed in accordance with national and international standards for determining the usebility of stones as an aggregate, armourstone, natural building stone and  as a marble.

There are various test equipments in accordance with these goals in the laboratory; These are;
– 200 ton capacity hydraulic press suitable for uniaxial and triaxial tests,
– Bending strength test equipment
– Impact strength test equipment 
– Sliperness test equipment
– Wide wheel abrasion test equipment
– Bohme surface abrasion test equipment
– Los Angeles test equipment
– Slake durability test equipment
– Micro deval test equipment
– Pundit for P and S sound waves
– Point load strength test equipment
– Shear strength test equipment for soil
– Consolidation test equipment
– Uniaxial compressive strength for soil
– Scales of the different sensitivity
– Deep freezer

İletişim Adresi

Kuruçeşme Mh., DEÜ Kaynaklar Yerleşkesi 207-F, 35390 Buca/İzmir, Türkiye

Tel: +90 232 301 73 00-01
Faks: +90 232 453 11 29