Purposes of Education and Outcomes

Purposes of Education:

Educational aim of the Department of Geological Engineering is to train engineers;

1. who can describe the earth science problems required by the society, and can produce solutions in the light of fundamental principles of the geology and engineering.
2. who can contribute to the development of the community, by following the scientific and technological progress in national and international platforms
3. who can carry out individual, teamwork or multidisciplinary studies.
4. who is environmentalist and can contribute to the understanding of the nature
5. who has ambition, self-confidence and skills in solving the problems
6. who has creative and critical way of thinking and aware of the ethical responsibilities.


1. To be able to use, develop and apply theoratical knowledge obtained from related field based on the qualification of middle school education.
2. To define and approach to the geological problems in four dimensional model and to be able to create solutions using recent research methods.
3. To be able to use devices and equipments in related field for monitoring, testing and interpreting the results.
4. To be able to use softwares in advanced level relevant field.
5. To be able to use English language at least the European Language Portfolio B1 general level.
6. To be able to combine, synthesize and interpret  the knowledge in related field with the transdisciplinary Works.
7. To be able to define natural disasters and to create solutions by preparing projects to protect people from the effects of natural disasters.
8. To be able to do field mapping in different scales and aims to solve problems about the related field.
9. To be able to work independently and take any responsibility relevant field.
10. To be able to contribute their knowledge and ability by using modern writing and presentation.
11. To be able to collect and comment the data for exploration and economically evaluation of the natural resources.
12. To be able to know and apply the standards and regulations related with earth sciences.
13. To be able to know and apply the academic, technique and professional ethic rules in collecting, interpreting and announcing relevant data.
14. To have sense to protect geological, environmental and cultural values.
15. To have conciseness to learn during life time and to follow updated information.

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